Ludo Dijckmans, born in 1952, living in Belgium.

Ludo Dijckmans

Belgian photographer Ludo Dijckmans in the past already gained a strong reputation with portraits of women and children. However, the last years he also became involved in nature photography, especially landscapes, in an attempt to reach a more simple, pure kind of beauty and to find peace in his natural surroundings. Hence his portfolio “lighthouses and slow shutter speeds”. The deliberately high-key and minimalist pictures show lighthouses all along the west-European coastline, standing firmly at the edge of continuously moving water, show a kind of etheric beauty that strongly contrasts with the “sound and fury” of everyday life and commercialised culture. The pictures not only combine the four natural elements water, stone, air and fire, they also stimulate the visitor to meditate about passing times and standing values, just as the lighthouses are steady elements in the middle of continuously moving elements.

Omer Pittomvils, Arteloo Photoclub.


a concise selection of awards from recent years :
2014 – Medaille van de Koning, Monochrome
2014 – Provinciaal Salon, Gold Medal Monochrome and Gold Medal Colorprints
2014 – 49e Benelux Salon, Koninklijke Fotokring IMAGO HAMME, Gold Medal , Colorprints
2014 – Salon Mondial, PHOTOCLUB ESCH (Lux.), FIAP Silver Medal, Colorprints
2014 – Prijs van Vlaanderen PVV 1 – Bronze Medal
2013 – Reflet Mondial de la Photographie, Photoclub ARTEC/MOUSCRON, FIAP Medaille d’Argent, Colorprints
2012 – Concorso Fotografico Giuliano Carrara, PISTOIA (It.), Ricardo Tarlati Price, Best portrait, Colorprints
2012 – Interfotoclub VSETIN, Rep.TCHEQUE, FIAP Gold Medal, Monochrome
2012 – Salon Mondial, PHOTOCLUB ESCH (Lux.), PSA Gold Medal, Colorprints